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Bonnie Sutton (not verified)

Digital Equity

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Since the picture of Michelle Rhee surfaced on the time magazine cover, I have
thought and thought about a way to address the two Americas in education problem.
I realize that lots of people blame the inner city teachers for the problems of the
infrastructure crumble, the subject matter difficulty, and the dropout problems.
But in reality there are many more reasons that cause the problem. Digital Equity is the problem. There is the America of the 8 Million Minutes, and there is the hard core of the inner cities. No real person could blame teachers for the inequity that comes from years of neglect, years of casting a blind eye at the development of the skills of teachers and the lack of resources. A good school is a school that children want to come to without being paid. I loved it when my children wanted to come into school so badly that they came though the windows to see me on the days before school opened.
Ms. Rhee has not been through the wars, of reading, math, science and physics. She also has a short set of information on the ways in which education works. She comes from a very different background.

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