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Sue Wolf (not verified)

Kudos to this teacher and

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Kudos to this teacher and all who have also provided this type of resource for students and families. As a parent of middle and high schoolers, it makes home life so much more managealbe when they have a back up of information from a long, busy day at school. My kids not only have what they need at their finger tips - directly from the teacher, but accessing it regularly builds in them a responsibility factor that will sustain them through life. Those who forgot to finish something, didn't know what questions to answer, or didn't write down the due date, can go from barely making it through a class because of missing (yet often finished) assinments - to a highly successful student. All because they have another opportunity to get this vital information! With expectations high and the volume of work to match, teacher communication is a key factor in making sure students learn what the teachers are indending. Yes, planners are great, however when your brilliant dyslexic child is not an organizer, has poor handwriting, or just gets overwhelmed writing it all down when it's time to go to the next class... it's not enough. When a smart and capable student has tools like this, it opens the door to what we are all hoping they grasp - the world of edcuational opportunities. Thank You teachers who use technology!
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