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During the holiday break, I always take some time to reflect on the past year and recharge for the work that's ahead in the next. This year is no different, except that I wanted to tap into the Edutopia community and see how each of you take time to reflect and recharge -- just leave a comment below to share how you've helped change education in 2009, and your tips for recharging for 2010.

Edutopia had a breakthrough year in 2009, so thanks to all of our members, donors, and readers who've helped make it all possible. Here's my quick list for what I'm most proud of this year, and how together we're creating positive change in education:

  • We reached over half a million educators with our award-winning coverage and turnkey resources, covering our Core Concepts to create schools for the 21st century.
  • We created an extensive video-rich series of digital profiles of kids today and how they are learning in new ways with new media. Not only that, but we also showed how teachers and parents can effectively engage this generation.
  • We offered more professional-development opportunities through special publications such as Ten Top Tips for Teaching with New Media and our ongoing webinar series with leading experts such as Stanford Uiversity's Linda Darling-Hammond.
  • We're in the middle of launching a brand-new online community at Already, educators are creating profiles and connecting with colleagues to exchange ideas, lend support, and collaborate.
  • We're making our materials available for you -- wherever you are. Our free video archive on iTunes U continues to grow, and thousands of educators have joined us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • So what about you? Let me know in a comment below how you've helped change education over the last 12 months. Because, you know, it's the stories and comments from educators like you that keep me -- and all of us here at Edutopia -- motivated to continue providing the resources and ideas needed to help you change education. And it's the same stories that I hope will inspire you to help by making your tax-deductible year-end donation to Edutopia right now:

    "I love Edutopia! It has given me great ideas for years . . . ."

    "I repost Edutopia articles at least twice a week. Thanks for keeping the fires lit!"

    "Edutopia is the best teacher a new teacher like me could have!"

    Thanks for being such a valuable member of our community, and thanks for your unwavering commitment to preparing our students for 21st-century success. Just like any other nonprofit organization, we rely on the support of our donors and readers to help us meet our mission -- I hope you'll chip in whatever you can afford today.

    Happy Holidays,

    -- Milton Chen, Executive Director

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Davì Pizota's picture

UNESCO said it 30 years ago,'if we continue in the same vein we'll end up in crisis'. To date no known plan has faced some basic aspects of this problem. No child lives in a same-age group world, change is necessary to human culture, we reap what we sow. Frustrating experience indicates the truth of these basics. Can we change? Davi Pizota

Kevin H's picture
Kevin H
elementary ELD

I think one of the good things I have done is show talks from to GED students I teach in the evening. I use it to elicit questions and conversation as a pre-writing activity. I also share these talks on Facebook or through e-mail. A couple former professors of mine shared a talk with their students because I posted it on Facebook.

One good thing I have done during the day with my 3rd grade ELD class is use to increase authenticity and meaningfulness of their writing. I have them write to a classroom in Spain who is also learning English. My students write about books we have read, plays we have created, and other things that are interesting to them like video games, pets, and sports. (I have my students write with paper and pencil, then they read to me their message and I type it using the epals email system. We talk about word choice, conventions, and communicating meaningfully as part of this reading/typing process we do together.)

One of the good things I have done to

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