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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

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You'll find practical classroom strategies and tips from real educators, as well as lesson ideas, personal stories, and innovative approaches to improving your teaching practice. If you have any thoughts or comments about these blogs, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Greg Schnagl November 19, 2015
Build a positive school culture and climate for students and staff alike by creating expectations around constructive routines and fun rituals.
Amy Erin Borovoy (aka VideoAmy) November 19, 2015
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Our good friends at SoulPancake (home of everyone's favorite pint-sized inspirational speaker, Kid President) have just launched a video series that we absolutely love, profiling California teachers who are making a difference.
How can we think smarter about educational technology in the classroom? Check out these suggestions and resources to find out how.
By creating real-world projects with visible and positive outcomes, you can immerse your students in learning 21st-century skills while developing their sense of altruism.
Make mindfulness a part of classroom learning by integrating it into curriculum-themed activities through exercises in breathing, sensory experience, guided imagery, and movement.
Whether or not students see their families struggling, a personal finance class teaches them how accountability, spending wisely, and saving can help them live within their means.
Angela Haydel DeBarger November 16, 2015
Ensure authentic, rigorous PBL learning by having students create relevant artifacts, by designing intentional self-assessment opportunities, and by having students present to authentic public audiences.
Use hypothetical scenarios to help engage your students, efficiently apply knowledge, provide problem-solving exercises, build conflict-resolution skills, and reinforce study habits.
Nathan Warner and AnnMarie Baines November 13, 2015
Empower students in PBL settings by framing the purpose for learning, intentionally structuring collaboration and choice, and using appropriate scaffolds for learning and revision.


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