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K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work

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You'll find practical classroom strategies and tips from real educators, as well as lesson ideas, personal stories, and innovative approaches to improving your teaching practice. If you have any thoughts or comments about these blogs, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Building on curiosity, giving honest praise, and offering leadership opportunities, are a few teacher suggestions for transforming a ho-hum school day into one more worthwhile for kids.
An expert shares various resources and ideas for introducing social, emotional, and character development to your school and classroom.
Guest blogger Joe Bower discusses the how to attract and retain great teachers in education, the topic of March 23 #edchat
An unfavorable Adequate Yearly Progress report might hurt the students at a school it sets out to help.
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When I think back to middle school, which was Junior High back in the day, two things stand out about my principal, whom I'll call Mr. G. I don't ever remember seeing him smile, but I vividly recall being frightened of his ruler. No, Mr. G. didn't use it to slap our wrists -- that would have been preferable. He employed it as a modesty monitor, ordering girls he passed in the hall to get on their knees while he measured the distance between the floor and the hem of their skirts.
Blogger Elena Aguilar reminds us why formative assessments are important and offers strategies to use during a lesson or topic of study.
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Blogger Suzie Boss outlines the basics for getting your classroom and students ready for project learning.
Guest blogger Mary Beth Hertz discusses the best way to teach "at-risk" students?, the topic of March 16 #edchat
Guest blogger Anne O'Brien profiles several public schools that opted for options other than firing teachers as they strive for school reform.
Heather Wolpert-Gawron March 12, 2010
Test-taking skills matter, but just as important are things like knowing how to negotiate and how to get along with co-workers.