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Suzie BossApril 22, 2010

In project learning (PL), plans that look spectacular on paper can go awry when students enter the picture. During the implementation phase, students may decide to head in directions their teacher never anticipated.

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Jason FlomApril 21, 2010

Editor's Note: After nine years teaching upper elementary school, today's guest blogger Jason Flom is quite adept at getting schooled by 21st century learners. Fortunately, his years as an outdoor educator at The Mountain Institute and North Carolina Outward Bound School gives him one advantage over his students -- an awareness that such a thing as nature existed. As a result, Jason levels the playing field through Service projects both near and far. His students often have over 100 hours of community service during the year with projects ranging from longleaf pine ecosystem restoration to water testing.

Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

1. Because we can.

2. Because we should.

3. Because it's fun.

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Elena AguilarApril 19, 2010

One summer, I spent weeks planning the following year's curriculum. By the time school started, I had rough plans for a culminating project: a living museum

One summer, I spent weeks planning the following year's curriculum. By the time school started, I had rough plans for a culminating project: a living museum Read More

Heather Wolpert-GawronApril 16, 2010

I recently introduced Costa's Levels of Questioning to my students. We have some teachers at my school talking about these triggers of metacognition, so it compliments everyone's efforts to enter this discussion in the classroom.

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EdutopiaApril 15, 2010

On my drive to work this morning, I heard a radio story that took my mind totally off the road. NPR reporter Quil Lawrence related that when the new Iraqi parliament convenes soon, 25 percent of its members will be women. A new Iraqi law mandates it. So in some districts where a man got the most votes, a woman will instead take the seat.

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Lisa Michelle DabbsApril 15, 2010

With the merit pay debate swirling around Florida, this week's #edchat topic hit close to home: How should successful and innovative teaching be rewarded?

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Rebecca AlberApril 13, 2010

Updated 01/2014

When I lesson plan with teachers, out of earshot from their fellow teachers and their principals, I can't tell you how often I'm asked, "what exactly does it look like?" when it comes to differentiated instruction.

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Suzie BossApril 8, 2010

The National Service-Learning Conference, which just wrapped up its 21st annual gathering in San Jose, California, attracted some 2,000 attendees. Participants came from every state and more than 30 countries, but the most telling statistic may be this: a third of attendees were youth.

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Elena AguilarApril 8, 2010

Last week over breakfast, my six-year-old son declared, "George Washington was a good president."

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Betty RayApril 8, 2010

This week's #edchat topic hit like a blunt instrument: "What should we cut?" As a first-year middle school teacher in Raleigh, NC our guest blogger this week, Luke Miles (@lhmiles2) had some interesting perspectives. Here's his summary of the chat.

--Betty Ray, Community Manager (@EdutopiaBetty) and Elana Leoni, Social Media Marketing Coordinator (@elanaleoni)

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