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Betty RayMay 26, 2010

Editor's Note: Our guest blogger today is Andrew Marcinek, an English Instructor at Boys Latin Charter School of Philadelphia. His post is inspired by this week's #edchat topic, "What's the ideal classroom design for 21st-century learning?"

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Dr. Katie KlingerMay 24, 2010

A resource like STEMtube would have been fantastic for our family when my son, Philip, was in middle school. He did his science fair project on "Extracting Iron from Cereals" because he realized that in reading the labels on cereal boxes, it was not clear to him what "kind" of iron was inside of them.

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Claus von ZastrowMay 21, 2010

Here's how John Cooper of the Sundance Film Festival described a new documentary on public schools: "It's an analysis of how bad neighborhoods don't necessarily create bad schools, but bad schools create bad neighborhoods... ."

This strikes me as an oversimplification -- and possibly a harmful one at that.

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Ben JohnsonMay 19, 2010

"So do you have a problem with me?" the student asked.

"Yes I do." I testily answered. "You need to be quiet and listen to the teacher!"

"What do you care? Just keep fixing that computer!" replied the student.

Unfortunately, I was only a visitor in the classroom that day (there to fix the computer). The above exchange occurred when I just couldn't stand it any longer and turned and looked for the student who was making all that noise while the teacher was trying to teach high school biology.

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Milton ChenMay 17, 2010

The learning landscape is shifting under our feet. It's an exciting and momentous time for technology advances in learning, from the explosion of interest in online courses to free videoconferencing to powerful new devices at lower cost, such as the iPod. Having worked in educational media and technology beginning in the 1970s, I dare say that more change has happened in our field in the last four years than the last 40.

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Maurice EliasMay 13, 2010

An article from last month's Educational Leadership stated that high school students are highly dissatisfied with their guidance counselors.

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Suzie BossMay 10, 2010

Students who are passionate gamers can talk a blue streak about the virtual online worlds where they invest their free time and energy. Usually, of course, they get to play only when they're not at school. But why not bring gaming into the classroom? Could teachers tap that same passion to spark learning?

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As a teacher and a new mom, it didn't take long for me to find Facebook as a supplement for my stunted social life. And as any FB user knows, once you join, you become inundated with photos of new babies, comments about friends' recent bodily functions, quiz results, and mysterious requests for farm equipment or mafia weapons.

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EdutopiaMay 7, 2010

We wanted to end Teacher Appreciation Week with a reminder that an affection for educators can be found far and wide. Retailers, for example, offer all kinds of discounts in appreciation for all your hard work and dedication. So we'd like to share some of the discounts we know about -- and we're sure many of you have more tips for how to save money when shopping. Happy Friday!

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Betty RayMay 6, 2010

We knew Paula White, our guest blogger this week, would be amazing after reading her blog post called Do It From the Classroom. With equal parts fire and heart, Ms. White is not only passionate (and funny!), but she also has both feet firmly rooted in reality. We're proud to present her commentary on this week's topic, "How Can Teachers Have a Bigger Influence on Education Reform?"

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