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David WeesAugust 15, 2011

Population × Bad curriculum Multiple generations = Functionally innumerate population

The objective of good math teaching should not be to "cover the curriculum" but to show students how to explore our fascinating and beautiful world through the lens of mathematics. We must change our focus in math education from a focus on a largely irrelevant and uninteresting set of learning objectives to a focus on making math relevant and engaging for students.

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C. Harry KnowlesAugust 12, 2011

C. Harry Knowles is an inventor, and the founder and president of the board of trustees of the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, an organization that supports new science and math teachers.

When one takes a close look at the faces behind the riots and civil unrest wreaking havoc on the United Kingdom, one sees the young, the angry, and the idle. An 11-year-old accompanied by his mother to court, a 15-year old orphan, countless teens fueled by discontent. They are the faces of a generation that society has failed.

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Elena AguilarAugust 12, 2011

Edutopia Community, this post is a desperate plea for help! My school year began on August 1 with no easy transition. It's been an exhausting, consuming two weeks of intense, rewarding work coaching leaders.

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Elana LeoniAugust 11, 2011

Elana Leoni is Edutopia's Social Media Marketing Manager. Follow her on Twitter, @elanaleoni.

Last week I attended #140Edu, the first ever 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) dedicated to education, hosted by Chris Lehman (principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia) and Jeff Pulver (thought leader, author, and social media advocate). #140confs are held all over the nation and explore "the state of now": the effects of real-time Internet. Pulver elaborates about the power of the real-time Internet: "There's something amazing happening on the Internet today -- right now. When enough people speak up, voices can be heard, and it can affect change."

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Adrienne ScurryAugust 10, 2011

Adrienne Scurry is the Dean of the Family Support Department at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School. The school won an the 2010 Award of Excellence in Student Services from the Pennsylvania Association of Public Services Administrators.

Okay, so we know the stereotypes and myths of virtual education, right? Students are not engaged. They sit in front of a computer all day. There are no opportunities for socialization. . .

As the Dean of the Family Support Department at the Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PA Virtual), I am often asked, "How are support services offered in a cyber school?" To some degree, the concept of virtual education is still new in many states so I am always happy to explain how we do it!

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David MarkusAugust 10, 2011

Is there a moment when a learning innovation, like online learning, officially becomes a best practice? When adjectives like "experimental" and "promising" give way to "tried and true" and "proven success?"

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Maurice EliasAugust 9, 2011

The new school year is around the corner. We all need to help parents make this a less hassled year than the one just past. My colleagues and I, in our new e-book, Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, have a series of parenting "sound bites" that give parents quick tips on common issues related to parenting. These include curfews, bedtimes, dealing with lying and cheating, and, of course, homework. Below is our "sound parenting bite" for making homework less stressful.

All of our ideas, and a lot of other tips for Emotionally Intelligent Parenting, can be found at the links/URLs below to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Please feel free to share this with parents as the new school year gets started.

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Nicholas ProvenzanoAugust 9, 2011

Many view classroom management as how a teacher runs the day-to-day operations of the class. In the 21st century, classroom management goes beyond the classroom walls. To keep students working and focused on the tasks at hand, a Web site can be utilized to make class time more efficient.

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Diane DarrowAugust 8, 2011

(Updated 10/2013)

It is Benjamin Bloom's belief that the entry point to learning is the acquisition of knowledge. He postulates that a solid foundation of terms, facts, theories, and skills is the educational base that will allow the mind to evaluate information effectively and inspire innovation. Our schools' emphasis on and devotion to standards-based instruction and high-stakes testing reflects a desire for students to become proficient at memorizing terms, and facts as well as and mastering various sets of skills.

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Eric SheningerAugust 8, 2011

As the calendar turns to August, school leaders across the country are meticulously planning for the upcoming year. This process has become more difficult as mounting challenges such as budget cuts and what seems like a relentless attack on the profession of education have taken their toll on staff morale. With this being said, quality leadership becomes even more essential in order to cultivate a school culture whose primary focus is on the learning and achievement of each and every student.

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