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Social Studies

Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in the social sciences.
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Women's History Month: 6 Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers

Matt Davis highlights free and easy-to-implement classroom resources to celebrate Women's History Month in March.

"Can't I Just Choose My Own Topic?"

By inviting her class to choose their own subjects for a historical reformers project, Sarah Cooper learned a lot about her students' interests and passions.

Common Core in Action: Examining 2 Texts in the Social Studies Classroom

An iPad lets students consume and interact with content, a fun and efficient way of meeting the Common Core standards for integrating and analyzing information.

The Story of Claudette Colvin: Students as Historians

"Studying history" isn't enough -- students should "do history" by actively immersing themselves in gathering information, interpreting sources, and developing original ideas.



With Integrated Studies, a Classroom Becomes a Restaurant for a Day

A unit on eateries connects students with the community while teaching the basics.

Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza

Digital Youth Portrait: Nafiza

An active participant in New York City's Global Kids organization, Nafiza explores international issues through gaming and virtual worlds.

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How to Teach with Technology: Social Studies

Students fire off ideas for using digital tools to teach history and current events.

71 25,131 views

The Photo Archive Brings History to Your Classroom

Seven million free images are available to teachers and schools.

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Top Issue-Oriented Computer Simulations

Check out these serious games to see what the buzz is all about.

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Playing Civic-Minded Simulations May Encourage Social Action

Recent studies explore whether serious games affect teens when they're offline.

12 1,264 views

Serious Tips for Using Serious Games in Class

Experts on issue-oriented computer simulations offer advice on how to do it right.

5 702 views



The Kentucky Derby, Springboard to Lessons in American Culture

May brings the Kentucky Derby to Louisville, Kentucky, known around the globe as "the most exciting two minutes in sports." David Markus writes about how the event can provide inspiration for social studies and other interesting class discussions.

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Serious Tips for Using Serious Games in Class

Experts on issue-oriented computer simulations offer advice on how to do it right.

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Educating Girls: Personalizing the History of Women's Rights

On my drive to work this morning, I heard a radio story that took my mind totally off the road. NPR reporter Quil Lawrence related that when the new Iraqi parliament convenes soon, 25 percent of its members will be women. A new Iraqi law mandates it. So in...

4 5 645 views

A Program Teaches Students What to Believe in the Digital World

The News Literacy Project helps secondary school students separate fact from fiction online.

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High School Integrated Studies Program Enriches Learning through Technology and Media

Integrated Studies in Honolulu: Moanalua High School

At this Hawaiian high school, students use multimedia tools to shoot, edit, and narrate works on topics such as child labor.

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What's the Price of Censorship?

Student journalists should learn the power of their words, but how much oversight should schools exercise over the student press?

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Life Magazine's Online Archive Produces Teachable Moments

This article accompanies the feature " Chronicles the 20th Century."