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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Service Learning

Learn how to design projects that boost civic engagement in students and help them take initiative to strengthen their community.

The Happy Eating Place: How Elementary Students Can Run Their Own Business

Fourth and fifth graders develop a service learning project that prepares meals for their school community and donates the proceeds to a county food bank.

From Selfies to Service: The Power of Civic Engagement

As Millennials feel driven to succeed while struggling with self-esteem, switching the focus to civic engagement can bring them perspective and purpose.

The Tech Detectives: Students Take Ownership of Technology

The Tech Detectives Club provides middle school students with practical and service learning opportunities and teachers with first responders for their tech emergencies.


PBL Meets WWII: A History Lesson to Remember

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Creating Classrooms for Social Justice

Mon, 09/29/2014 - 11:56
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PBL Meets WWII: A History Lesson to Remember

Thu, 02/20/2014 - 10:48
3 0 3,802 views

From Selfies to Service: The Power of Civic Engagement

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 09:54
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An Old-School Coach Becomes a Facilitator for a Technology Class

An Old-School Coach Becomes a Facilitator for EAST

A teacher finds new inspiration for a different way of teaching though the Environmental and Spatial Technology Initiative.

2 348 views
Technology Inspires Self-Directed Learning

EAST -- A Way Forward: Tech Inspires Self-Directed Learning

Students in the Environmental and Spatial Technology program, at Horace Mann Magnet Middle School, in Little Rock, Arkansas, connect with nature through projects that serve their community.

9 5 11,728 views
Stand Up for Alaska: Alaska Youth for Environmental Action

Stand Up for Alaska: Alaska Youth for Environmental Action

Members of this high school environmental education and leadership program created a presentation about climate change, gathered more than 5,000 signatures from fellow students, and went to Washington, DC, to persuade one of their senators to take...

4 502 views

Balancing the Classroom: Strategies for Sharing Responsibility

How do educators balance the desire for classroom structure with the necessity of giving students freedom?

65 9,222 views

Down on the Farm: These Vocational Educators Get It

Project-based learning on the farm.

6 602 views

Hands-On Education Drives the Lesson Home

The importance of project learning.

3 1,803 views
How After-School Programs Expand the Educational Experience

A New Day for Learning: Expanding the Educational Experience

An overview of how after-school and summer programs engage community partners to extend the learning day and year.

5 2 2,103 views


Constructing Sustainable Houses Develops Collaborative Skills (Is School Enough? Series)

Constructing Sustainable Houses Develops Collaborative Skills

Teens in Philadelphia learn how to solve math and engineering problems while working together to build high-efficiency homes designed for disaster relief, as part of an alternative senior year program called the Workshop School.

1 1,702 views

Swamped: Louisiana Students Become Wetlands Custodians

The Wetland Watchers program is part of a schoolwide emphasis on service learning at Hurst Middle School.

4 1,702 views

Design Thinking Meets a Community Action Project

Jeanine Harmon, Director of Community Outreach and Service Learning at Park Day School, describes a middle school community action program driven by the principles of design thinking.

2 1,602 views

New Hampshire's Statewide Effort to Redefine Education for 21st Century

Robert McLaughlin of the New Hampshire DOE reports on a statewide summit to reshape education and educator development.

1 1,598 views

Service Learning Case Study: The Answer to Our Educational Woes in 10,000 Cookies?

Blogger Jim Berman emphasizes the benefits of service learning. It cultivates transportable skills in students, while helping your community.

3 1,502 views

Laptops on Expedition: Embracing Expeditionary Learning

A Maine middle school thrives with a learning approach that champions personalized project-based learning.

6 1,502 views

How to Find a Home for Service-Learning Projects

Blogger Suzie Boss highlights one high school example of what quality service-learning looks like in practice.

1 1,304 views