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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Service Learning

Learn how to design projects that boost civic engagement in students and help them take initiative to strengthen their community.

Make It Matter: Teach Justice

Students lack experience yet have valid perspectives about bettering their world. They learn when we give them agency to start working toward those changes.

Social Entrepreneur Rising: How a New Generation is Choosing to Matter

Tap into students' heartbreak to discover how they want to change the world, and the power of social media will launch them toward great accomplishments.

How to Change the World: Service PBL in the Common Core Literacy Classroom

The language arts are the building blocks when applying Common Core literacy standards to tangible, effects-driven actions in the real world.

The Happy Eating Place: How Elementary Students Can Run Their Own Business

Fourth and fifth graders develop a service learning project that prepares meals for their school community and donates the proceeds to a county food bank.

The Tech Detectives: Students Take Ownership of Technology

The Tech Detectives Club provides middle school students with practical and service learning opportunities and teachers with first responders for their tech emergencies.


SFCSxDesign: The Pallet House Project

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Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

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Service Learning: Real-Life Applications for Learning

Tue, 02/03/2015 - 12:00
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SFCSxDesign: The Pallet House Project

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Social Justice: A Whole-School Approach

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