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Mental Health

Find compassionate perspectives and evidence-based strategies to foster school environments that promote psychological well-being and support students experiencing behavioral, emotional, or social challenges.

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Supporting Grieving Students

It's important for educators to reach out to grieving students. Here's some guidance and resources to support this difficult task.

Can Stress Help Students?

Stress might not always be the enemy. Research shows that positive stress can strengthen the immune system, enhance memory and learning, and improve decision-making skills.

The Neuroscience Behind Stress and Learning

Neuroimaging and EEG studies provide a scientific basis for the sometimes controversial belief that children become better learners when they actually enjoy learning.

Creating an Emotionally Healthy Classroom Environment

Making students feel safe and earning their trust are critical elements for turning your classroom into an emotionally healthy environment.

Helping Students With Identity Secrets

Rick Curwin takes a compassionate look at students living with identity secrets, and proposes three steps toward creating a culture of acceptance.


In Their Own Words: Teachers Bullied by Colleagues

Last comment 3 weeks 2 days ago
35 1,044 38,014 views

Teaching Grit: Social and Emotional Truth

Last comment 1 week 1 day ago
2 298 5,237 views

Schools Confront Teen Suicide

Last comment 3 weeks 18 hours ago
12 3 2,283 views

Teaching Grit: Social and Emotional Truth

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 10:10
2 298 5,237 views

Five-Minute Film Festival: Restoring Hope and Faith in Humanity

Fri, 05/08/2015 - 10:00
1 82 1,595 views

Schools Confront Teen Suicide

Thu, 10/19/2006 - 14:22
12 3 2,283 views



"There Are No Gangs Up Here on this Stage": Producing Plays -- and Empowerment and Expression

A Los Angeles theater group helps kids in the juvenile-justice system and foster care create dramas of their own design.

1 1 501 views

The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning: How You Can Implement it In Your School

How to implement social and emotional learning at school.

18 7 2,820 views

A Depressing Trend: Teenage Mental Illness Is on the Rise

As more and more teens are diagnosed with mental illness, schools and health professionals struggle to hone a response.

1 2 1,746 views

Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children

What looks like ADHD can be signs of childhood trauma.

5 3 940 views

Schools Confront Teen Suicide

Taking one's own life is no longer a taboo subject in school.

12 3 2,283 views

Cross-Training: Arts and Academics Are Inseparable

At one Boston school, students major in theater, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, or visual art.

2 28 1,880 views
Students Learn the Skill of Conflict Resolution in a Multi-Age Class

The Forum: Students Learn the Skill of Conflict Resolution

Seattle's AS-1 school offers an elective class where students from every grade come together to discuss and resolve their differences.

1 39 6,714 views


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Expert Roger Weissberg on Academics and Character Education

EQ Meets IQ: An Interview with Roger Weissberg

The president of the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) discusses the effects of social and emotional learning on academic achievement.

4 1,075 views

The Roots of Violence: Getting Past the Point of No Return

With the latest school shooting at Reynolds High School, Dr. Allen Mendler suggests the only real interventions to prevent such future acts.

4 8 940 views

Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Children

What looks like ADHD can be signs of childhood trauma.

5 3 940 views

The Heart of Learning: The Value of Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Michael Pritchard is a healer, and a pioneer in the field of social-emotional learning, the often-neglected missing piece in a well-rounded education.

11 4 940 views

Handling Tragedy: How to Talk to Kids About Sandy Hook

Educational consultant Allen Mendler provides a set of guidelines for giving children emotional support as they struggle to understand the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

4 103 806 views

"She Has No Pores!" Responding to Advertising's Trivialization of Women

Each year, American students are exposed to more than 15,000 advertisements, which, in turn, have a profound affect on self-image and perception of women. Here are a few classroom resources teachers can use to confront the trivialization of women by the media...

3 52 806 views

A Trayvon Martin Tribute

Blogger Richard Curwin reflects on the similarity between the Trayvon Martin case and a racial profiling incident with one of his own students.

6 24 806 views