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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Formative Assessment

Find and share ideas for checking in with students during a project, class, or semester to assess their learning and see if content or instruction needs adjusting.

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The Qualitative Formative Assessment Toolkit: Document Learning with Mobile Technology

To assess your students' ongoing awareness of what and how they're learning, consider using cameras, screenshots, video, and screencasting as everyday classroom tools.

5 Fantastic, Fast Formative Assessment Tools

With tools like Socrative, Kahoot, Zaption, Chatzy, and Plickers, teachers can use tech for immediate feedback about how students are learning and understanding the lesson.

Make It Count: Providing Feedback as Formative Assessment

Giving feedback that is non-evaluative, specific, timely, and goal-related will provide students with opportunities to revise and improve their work and deepen their understanding.

5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback

Teacher feedback must be informative and encouraging for students to fully understand whether they're learning and what they can do to improve the learning process.

Hit the Mark With Digital Media Exit Cards

Learn about the importance of formative assessment and explore engaging ways of using mobile devices to enhance the tried-and-true exit slip.


3 Classroom Tools to Measure Student Learning

Last comment 2 weeks 3 days ago
15 4,069 42,015 views

3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards-Based Grading

Last comment 1 week 4 days ago
12 355 13,573 views

Reteach and Enrich: How to Make Time for Every Student

Last comment 22 hours 13 min ago
37 544 74,322 views

Reteach and Enrich: How to Make Time for Every Student

Thu, 10/06/2011 - 17:24
37 544 74,322 views

Courageous Conversation: Formative Assessment and Grading

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 14:43
7 323 13,741 views

Hypos: Real Engagement With Unreal Questions

Mon, 11/16/2015 - 06:00



Instant Feedback: Principles of, and Techniques for, Formative Assessment

This simple testing method puts students in charge of their own learning.

4 40 13,406 views

Bowling with Your Eyes Closed: Students Need True Formative Assessment

It's important to give students immediate feedback and a chance to try again.

4 17 2,011 views

Pick and Click: Interactive Assessment Goes to School

Classroom response systems provide instant feedback.

10 5 2,178 views

Structure in Project-Based Learning: The Freedom to Learn Requires Planning

A PBL classroom is like a sports team, with just the same focus on preparation for performance.

9 11 2,346 views

Building Blocks for Technology Integration: A Strategy for Success

Collaboration is key to incorporating technology into all aspects of curriculum.

9 696 views

A Pencil Is a Word Processor: Making the Case for Cell Phones in Class

Pencil and cell phones as teaching tools.

64 19 837 views
High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

Through a focus on teamwork, individualized instruction, and ongoing assessment, this K-6 school is improving the achievement of minority and low-income students.

11 40 26,615 views



Assessment: No Single Measure Tells the Story of Student Achievement

At this California charter school, assessment comes in many forms.


Going Beyond NCLB and Assessing Schools Differently

Blogger Anne O’Brien describes new models for assessing schools that put less emphasis on the results of standardized tests.

7 57 1,004 views

Show What You Know As You Go: A Different Spin on Assessment

Assessments should be taken throughout the learning process, not just at the end.

1 24 1,004 views

Why We Chose Mesquite Elementary School

Our Schools That Work series explores what goes on at some of the most innovative, successful schools around the country.

11 837 views

New Teacher Boot Camp Week 5 - Using Blogs

A quick overview of blogs -- what they are, how to publish one, and why they're interesting to educators.

17 837 views

The Next Chapter by George Lucas

George Lucas on revving up for the future of Edutopia by supporting a Web-only platform with a strong community component.

12 3 837 views

A Pencil Is a Word Processor: Making the Case for Cell Phones in Class

Pencil and cell phones as teaching tools.

64 19 837 views


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