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Formative Assessment

Find and share ideas for checking in with students during a project, class, or semester to assess their learning and see if content or instruction needs adjusting.

3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards-Based Grading

When one school switched from traditional to standards-based grading, they saw positive changes in mindset, assessments, and communication -- but there's still room for improvement.

Stop Taking Papers Home to Grade: Flipped Learning Meets Formative Assessment

With the five-step mastery check, flipped learning teachers can quickly determine who understands the work, who's struggling, and who hasn't even watched the video.

Make It Count: Providing Feedback as Formative Assessment

Giving feedback that is non-evaluative, specific, timely, and goal-related will provide students with opportunities to revise and improve their work and deepen their understanding.

5 Research-Based Tips for Providing Students with Meaningful Feedback

Teacher feedback must be informative and encouraging for students to fully understand whether they're learning and what they can do to improve the learning process.

Hit the Mark with Digital Media Exit Cards

Learn about the importance of formative assessment and explore engaging ways of using mobile devices to enhance the tried-and-true exit slip.


It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process

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3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards-Based Grading

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Badges and the Common Core

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Homework When Students Are Ready For It!

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 11:53
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Flipped-Learning Toolkit: 3 Ways to Take Your Students Deeper

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 15:00
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It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 05:57
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Instant Feedback: Principles of, and Techniques for, Formative Assessment

This simple testing method puts students in charge of their own learning.

4 25 9,323 views

Bowling with Your Eyes Closed: Students Need True Formative Assessment

It's important to give students immediate feedback and a chance to try again.

4 7 2,251 views

Pick and Click: Interactive Assessment Goes to School

Classroom response systems provide instant feedback.

10 3 2,026 views

Structure in Project-Based Learning: The Freedom to Learn Requires Planning

A PBL classroom is like a sports team, with just the same focus on preparation for performance.

9 4 3,938 views

Building Blocks for Technology Integration: A Strategy for Success

Collaboration is key to incorporating technology into all aspects of curriculum.

9 788 views

A Pencil Is a Word Processor: Making the Case for Cell Phones in Class

Pencil and cell phones as teaching tools.

64 12 900 views
High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

High Expectations: Students Learn to Rise to the Occasion

Through a focus on teamwork, individualized instruction, and ongoing assessment, this K-6 school is improving the achievement of minority and low-income students.

11 6 22,801 views



Parents: Start with the A

Edutopia blogger Matt Levinson suggests starting the school year with inspiration and enthusiasm by treating every child as an A student.

3 186 1,463 views

Dragon's Den: A Reality TV Simulation for Research Writing (Guest Blogger)

Stephanie West-Puckett takes a page from the British reality TV show "Dragon's Den" to help students focus their research writing projects.

1 28 1,351 views

Homework When Students Are Ready For It!

Are students ready for the homework you give them? Consider assigning less of it, letting students choose assignments, and using it for review and assessment.

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An After-School Network That Works

An After-School Network Expands Learning Time

The Providence After School Alliance, or PASA, is a citywide program that has networked community programs to provide after-school and summer learning experiences for kids.

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Accurate Assessment: Grades That Mean Something

Detailed scoring rubrics allow students to learn from their mistakes.

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School of the Future by the Numbers

This New York City middle and high school ensures that students learn how to think critically and are assessed in an authentic way.

3 1,013 views

School of the Future: Q&A with the Principals

John Fanning and Stacy Goldstein share insight on how you can implement an "authentic" assessment strategy at your school.

1 25 1,013 views


53 Ways to Check for Understanding

How do you determine what students have learned? Download this list for ideas and guidance.

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