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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Education Equity

How can we ensure all students have equal access to opportunities, support, and the tools they need to succeed? Explore and share proven ways to make this happen.

How Teachers Can Help Girls Lead

Based on recent findings, a report offers three recommendations as to how teachers, schools, and districts can help close the gender leadership gap.

Creating Classrooms for Social Justice

Teach your students about making positive change in the world by connecting with them, discussing real-world problems and multiple perspectives, creating classroom community, and including authentic assessment.

Heteronormativity in Schools

Too many of us make assumptions about our students' sexuality identity. Here are six ways to help all students feel safe, respected, and welcome.

Teaching for Justice: 10 Ways To Unravel Systemic Oppression

How do you confront any racial injustice at your school? How do you reflect on your own potential biases in the classroom? Explore ten tactics to help answer those questions.


Five Ways to Get Girls into STEM

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Teaching Students to Embrace Mistakes

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8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

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Makerspaces for Students With Special Needs

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Is Lecturing Culturally Biased?

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