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Matt DavisFebruary 18, 2013

The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and there are a number of nominated films that can be great teaching tools for educators this year. It looks like it might be a big year for Steven Spielberg in the classroom and on Award night -- his Lincoln has been nominated for 12 Oscars, including Best Picture.

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Ben JohnsonFebruary 14, 2013

As a teacher, if your principal gave you a $500 budget, what would you buy? Would it be books, consumables, or software subscriptions? Would it be hands-on learning tools or equipment?

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Elena AguilarFebruary 13, 2013

As a teacher, I was obsessed with cultivating a love of reading in my students. I love to read, loved it as a kid too. I'm equally compelled to ensure that my own child loves reading -- and he does. I well aware that I'm on a mission -- but I also know it's a worthy one!

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Maurice EliasFebruary 12, 2013

As Presidents' Day is upon us, every student at every grade level should participate in an academic lesson related to our nation's leaders. There are four questions I would like to see every student in every grade asked, with appropriate follow up:

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Matt DavisJanuary 29, 2013

This week, there might be a bit of Super Bowl energy and excitement running through your classroom, and there are a number of great ways to wrangle those murmurs into teachable moments.

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Matt DavisJanuary 28, 2013

Editor's Note: In addition to 6 great resources from last year, we've updated this post to include new tools for the 2014 Black History Month theme, "Civil Rights in America." Here are some of the best virtual museum tours, lesson plans and digital multimedia packages from a variety of sources. (Updated 01/2014)

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Maurice EliasJanuary 25, 2013

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield is the President of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership and he has spent a lot of time thinking about how to inspire both. He has some ideas about how we can inspire our students by helping them find their hidden strengths and passions.

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Ben JohnsonJanuary 24, 2013

For schools, what is our pearl of great price? Last week, I had the opportunity to learn at the feet of a great man, Jeffrey R. Holland. He was the president of BYU while I attended there, so I also feel some sort of connection. Actually, I was translating from English to Spanish for about a thousand people in the audience. And even though I was busy translating, a few things stuck in my mind during the process; I suppose you could call that learning.

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Elena AguilarJanuary 21, 2013

Teachers: How often do you think something like, When I was a kid, I always did what my teachers told me to do and never questioned their authority, or I hated silent reading, or I loved learning about ancient Greece/making dioramas/participating in science fair? And do these reflections surface when you're making decisions about what to do in your classroom around instruction, management, or curriculum?

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Maurice EliasJanuary 16, 2013

The idea of New Year's Resolutions is very appealing but their success rate is low. Cognitive psychologists know why: Resolutions tend to be too big (like losing 20 pounds), too vague (like getting more sleep), very hard to control (like having less stress), or something the person is ambivalent about (like becoming a healthier eater).

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