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Bonnie Bracey SuttonSeptember 28, 2006

I noticed Dr. Jesse Bemley at conferences, but I was not sure who he is and what he does until this summer. When I was finally introduced to him, I found him to be a soft-spoken man but one with a can-do personality.

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Larry LeverettSeptember 11, 2006

It is a mistake to assume that all members of the school community understand the nature of the achievement gap challenge. Getting stakeholders focused on the achievement gap is a challenge regardless of the demographic profile of a school, district, or community.

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Sandy MittelsteadtAugust 29, 2006

Over the course of my eighteen years as a teacher, one of my biggest challenges was assessing whether students had really mastered the content or whether they had simply memorized the information.

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Rob WilliamsAugust 18, 2006

This week, I met with Fairview Elementary School teachers to discuss spring 2006 California Standards Test results.

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Rob WilliamsAugust 3, 2006

I am the principal of Fairview Elementary School, in Modesto, California, which has been designated a Program Improvement School. For those of you who may not know, PI is a formal designation for Title I-funded schools that do not make Adequate Yearly Progress for two consecutive years.

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Sandy MittelsteadtMay 30, 2006

Moderator's note: The post below is in response to the following email we received:

"I am a teacher in a high school special ed program. It is often hard to find materials for my students. I need ones that are written to a population of readers in grades 2-4, but for teenagers. I have previously used the books Charlotte's Web and Holes. The problem is that I need discussion references for this grade level 9-12. I am trying to set up a curriculum for next year with reading in world, American, and English literature that is written low, but has enough to keep the interest of my students and is available on audio. Can anyone help with suggestions, but please remember I have very little money for class sets and I will probably be the one buying some of the books. Thank you."

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Ron SmithMay 16, 2006

Suppose I were to offer you a fantastic word processor, small, portable, battery free, readily available, capable of operating in any language, and easily used by people from ages one to one hundred. There is such a word processor. It is called a pencil.

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Chris O'NealMay 11, 2006

Schools are faced with tough decisions all the time: if and when to advance a struggling student, what to do with the somewhat gifted, how to arrange teachers' schedules to accommodate teacher needs and still serve student learning needs at the same time. I've worked with lots of school districts, and few of them take the time to sit down and really, concretely look inward.

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Patsy LanclosMarch 24, 2006

Why are some schools more successful at implementing new ideas, projects, or programs than others? While there are many factors responsible for successful schools, I've noticed that the critical ingredient for success is always leadership.

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