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Technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove USD (south Sacramento)

Rick and

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Rick and Pauline,

Congratulations on your well-deserved Partners is Learning global award! I still remember walking by your display at the US Forum and being swept away by the importance of your students' work and their commitment to taking their learning to an authentic audience.

I look forward to sharing your project with teachers in my district and region. Powerful examples of elementary students making a difference in both local and international communities always make an impression on K-12 teachers - and their students.

So what's your next project?!

Digital ID project (

Chris it truly was an

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Chris it truly was an inspiring event and I am very fortunate to have been able to hear about these projects first hand. It was humbling to learn how educators in other countries are overcoming barriers to empower their students to make real changes in their communities.

Of course I am deeply jealous

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Of course I am deeply jealous of people who attended this incredible conference, but....Thank you for sharing these projects and I look forward to other comments on this post.

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