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6 Baseball-Themed Classroom Activities for the World Series

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Game 2 of 2012 World Series, San Francisco, CA

With the World Series underway, chances are, for the sports enthusiasts in your classroom, excitement is running high. Fortunately for teachers, baseball is a great way to get some students excited about learning, and as with any sport with tons of statistics, baseball is a wonderful subject to work into math lessons.

But really, the opportunities are endless; baseball can be a great lead-in for history, science, and English lessons, as well. Edutopia has put together this collection of lesson plans and resources to help teachers work America's favorite pastime into the classroom.

  • Baseball Statistics Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8: Produced by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), this lesson encourage middle school students to play ball with decimals, fractions, and percentages. Other great baseball-themed lessons from the NCTM include this baseball statistics lesson for students in grades 3-5 and a geometry lesson for students in grades 6-8.
  • Pitch Perfect From the Kennedy Center: Set the perfect lineup of instruments in this interactive tool from the Kennedy Center for the Arts. Using this web-based tool, students can explore music history, as well as pitch and tone, through the metaphor of baseball. Another great Kennedy Center resource, "All Around the Baseball Field," lets students "construct a mock baseball field” and “explore the sport of baseball through art, movement, and sound." There are lessons for different age groups.
  • Negro League eMuseum: The Kansas State University College of Education produced this resource to help teachers provide historical context about Negro League baseball. The collection features primary sources, including a timeline and history modules covering various Negro League teams, as well as lesson plans for teachers.
  • Companion Resources for Ken Burns’ Film, Baseball: Designed to accompany (or stand alone from) the award-winning PBS documentary, there are many great resources here. Even if you’re unable to commit time to watching the documentary, the lessons are still extremely useful, and they cover history, diversity in sports, and math. There’s also a link to related baseball lessons from PBS Learning Media that include many fun, engaging activities for students.
  • 5 Great Ideas for Teaching With Baseball: Although it was published in 2010, this list from Promethean Planet provides great ideas for lessons in history, math, science, and language arts, as well as ideas for baseball-themed classroom management. The resource also includes links to games, interactive multimedia, and self-paced history modules from a variety of groups and for students of all ages.
  • Baseball History Source Materials From Library of Congress: This resource is designed to let students “study cultural norms and society’s values through the lens of baseball.” Many different themes are covered, and several collections are available, featuring “primary source songs, baseball cards, letters, and speeches.” The Lesson Plans section is particularly useful.

These are just a few baseball-oriented classroom resources, and there are many more out there. Did we miss anything? What are some of the baseball-themed classroom tools you use?

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