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special ed. resource teacher K-6, STEM teacher

I write when things bother me --- with some humor.

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Last week - I treated our school to 3 pans of sticky buns (sweet rolls) that I had made at home. I had denied my husband any samples until I could bring home some of what was left over. BUT when I came back at the end of the day - what should I see???? Read the below ODE TO TOPLESS STICKY BUNS.

I brought three trays of sticky buns
To my Echo Family
In celebration of a job well done
With a small offering of stickies.

I had told my husband - no, not now!
For I wanted there to be plenty,
In the early morning, I told him NAY,
I was thinking of my Echo Family.

The buns smelled good and were received well.
I think everyone enjoyed them.
At noon, I thought I might have some left
So at 3:00, I came to appraise them.

Someone had ate only tops of a whole pan,
WOW - what a surprise to partake!
For there was nothing to salvage from what was left
I guess my husband would be forsake!

For in the future you see a whole piece of pastry,
Please take the whole top and foundation.
For you never may know who you have affectedf
If nothing else, for good consideration.

Sometimes it takes writing, humor, and pastry to make a point. Many staff wanted my recipe for the sticky buns. So I included the Ode to Topless Sticky Buns on the back side. Barb

retired overseas American high school business teacher

Haven't read your poetry

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Haven't read your poetry before but you are as expressive here as in any other format. Not long before your book appears....

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