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Professor of Music Education from Lamar University, Beaumont, TX

The levels are different, the purposes are the same

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I have recently joined a journaling group for faculty members at my university. The ideas of writing to share, express, & create underlie the purpose of the group. In addition, we are writing our learning journals to shape, expand, and develop our own teaching skills. As I write about experiences in my classes and conversations with individual students, I have come to examine more closely my teaching practices. I am starting to form ways to reach the students more effectively so they can be more successful in their learning endeavors. My grad school mentor always declared that "words on paper" was the best way to organize thoughts and increase productivity. It is wonderful that those 2nd graders are learning to think clearly and gain the full value of the experiences of their young lives. I hope they continue throughout their lives. I love the quote from Sir Francis Bacon: "Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man." (I can't resist adding, "or woman.")

First grade teacher

Hi Erin! I think it is

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Hi Erin! I think it is wonderful how you bring your love for writing into the classroom. It is hard for some students to express themselves through writing, and it sounds like you do an outstanding job teaching your students aobut writing through your writer's workshop. I have never heard of storybird or inktop, but I am definitely going to look into them. Could you tell me what types of skills you cover in your mini lessons?

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Bravo, Erin! I especially

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Bravo, Erin! I especially love that fact that you "write alongside my writers each day in workshop." It's so important for our kids, in this case your students to see you model the writing process.
I'd been encouraging my 19 year old son to blog for about 2 years. He told me he really wasn't interested as he felt he had nothing to share. THAT of course was really not the case. He's creative with a brilliant mind for thinking and he writes very, very well. After observing me for more than 2 years as I've developed my blog, he finally started a Tumblr. Just in my modeling, with him quietly observing...a desire to write publicly was born!
Thanks for sharing your passion for #whyiwrite.

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