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I agree to a point...

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I have concerns about us defining what a MOOC is because I think it has the possibility to be many things. I wrote a brief blog post on this topic last week after my experience in the #ETMOOC mentioned by Paul above:

Here are my main points from the post

"The top thing for me is that a meaningful learning experience must offer participants meaningful opportunities to receive feedback and interact with other learners. The #ETMOOC experience has done this in many ways with options for participants to interact with both facilitators and learners on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. The other thing that I believe is needed in learning endeavors is an opportunity for fun. While I am not saying that every learning experience has to be fun, I am saying that we need to find more ways for learning and fun to go hand-in-hand."

For me, I think we need to focus on what the qualities of an engaging learning environment are and not be too quick to wrote off something like a MOOC. While I am sure that there are many MOOC's that are not able to "cultivate a sense of belonging" as you describe, I am equally sure that we can say the same about many physical classrooms in our country.

Let's keep our focus on quality learning environments and think outside of the box a bit on this one.

Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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Matt: Please try #etmooc for

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Matt: Please try #etmooc for a first-rate example of how a well-organized and well-facilitated MOOC cultivates a sense of belonging to a community of learners and facilitates the connection between content and relationships.This is one of the best online learning experiences I've had, and rivals anything I've experienced in face-to-face learning.

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