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This entry is so great! I

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This entry is so great! I really want to view video about this! :D

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Joe, this post is full of

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Joe, this post is full of fantastic suggestions, and I love that they are based on real actions that Knapp Elementary has taken to strengthen home-school connections. Thank you for sharing the snippets of your school family survey results, too -- from my perspective the issues that came up are what many schools would hear if their school families were asked and if they felt comfortable expressing themselves honestly. I'm curious about the logistics of the survey -- what was the one question you asked, and how did you collect responses?

This blog post was great! It

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This blog post was great! It has opened my eyes to how to approach people of diverse backgrounds. I think that every teacher should know this and use this as their guideline to deal with conflicts. Plus, I never knew that homework doesn't have a lot of benefit for children beside high school... This blog helped me open my eyes/mind on how to start up a way to combat against conflicts and find solution effectively. I thank you for that.

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I can particularly relate to

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I can particularly relate to the homework comment. Our school is always trying to lower the amount of homework, and we've found that a lot of it simply isn't needed. As a math teacher, I believe my students need to practice the concepts, but I found that about 6-7 problems per assignment was enough for them to practice without being overwhelmed. I've seen kids come home with a worksheet or two, and I don't know if teachers realize how long that takes!

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