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I agree Art has a place in

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I agree Art has a place in every subject. As educators we should be encouraging creativity in our students. I find the students can produce some interesting projects.

Director, Aaron Academy

I could not agree more. At

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I could not agree more. At Aaron Academy in NYC we use universal desgin for learning so that students can access the curriculum. We consider all of our disciplines as "arts" for this very reason. Our Physical Arts program allows students who would otherwise not participate in physical activity to pursue them through digital sports. Our Performing Arts program allows students to demonstrate important social relationships through movement, interaction, restructuring roles. Our Academic Arts program allows students with various strengths the ability to participate in collaborative works that show thier successes and teaches them 21st Century skills. Our Culinary Arts explores culture, geography, demographics, etc. through food use. When students at our school are involved in a class they are involved in the art of the class. We know that students learn differently and yet we continue as a country to focus only on high stakes testing. What we need is more awareness such as your article brings. Thank you.

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