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All About Personalized Learning

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Couldn't agree more! Its definitely all about personalized learning and gamification is a great way to not only let students learn at their own pace, but provide them with instantaneous feedback to boost their confidence while keeping them engaged longer. My organization has developed math learning software that uses principles in adult games like World of Warcraft to make learning fun.

Yes, kids actually think practicing their multiplication and division is fun. Why? Because doing so unlocks get the next wand for their wizards, allows them to battle stronger villains and unlocks new areas. Want to know more? Go to and get your free 15-day trial today!

Life Skills Support Teacher

Quote: Video games take you

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Video games take you from one high to the next. School often takes you from one downer to the next.

This has to be the the sorriest and lamest reasoning to introduce more dumbed down strategies into the classroom to compensate for inherently poor teaching skills and student apathy.

Boring and uninspired teachers are the downers, not the curriculum or the assessments being offered to students. If you aren't electric, animated, and on-fire all day and every day, you fail as a teacher in my book. YOU have to be like the video game as far as the energy level is concerned.

More teachers need to be recruited from the creative performing arts field. They know how to maintain audience attention. Boring and uninspiring teachers think the glossy sheen of trendy tech will compensate for their dull personalities. Vibrant personalities don't need props or gimmicks to create a proper learning atmosphere.

Teaching IS a performance. If you aren't a performer than can entertain students as well as instruct them, then you should seek some other line of work.

Student-Centered Secondary Math Teacher

I'm trying it next year.

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Video games take you from one high to the next. School often takes you from one downer to the next.

In my math class the students move from assignment to assignment, one quiz to the next, then a test at the end of a chapter and then the next chapter and its assignments, quizzes, and test. This sounds like one downer to the next. To fix it I'm making levels and challenging the students to learn what it takes to win each level. Each quiz or test will be another level to win. The assignments will be full of the things they need to learn to win the level. They will only get credit for their assignments when they win the level (65% on the quiz or test).

This is based on what Kate Fanelli is doing in her class.
Math teacher uses gamification to help at-risk students succeed

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