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I echo the sentiments in the

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I echo the sentiments in the post. Connection, as you point out, is- and should be- more than aspiration. One area that I feel would benefit from a fuller treatment is the notion of having a concept to be "explicitly taught." Specifically, I am reminded of the current educational practice of OBE or "standards" (cf. the Common Core).

As such, I have seen the notion of knowledge (i.e. declarative, procedural, & conditional) devolve into a steady stream of declarative practice. That is to say, under the best of intentions, I have unfortunately observed the curriculum flattened under the weight of the aforementioned notion of "explicitly taught." The converse of this is, in fact what you are arguing for in your piece, connected knowledge. Ironically, this may be achieved through an "indirect" or tacit approach vis-a-vis discovery knowledge, or Socratic learning

In sum, I have seen many outside the medical profession employ the notion of “explicitly taught” for some very rote reasons.

Empowering parents to empower their children (

This was an very well-written

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This was an very well-written and informative piece, thank you. I look forward to the next posts in the series.

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