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The end of the school year can be a nervous time for students, especially those that will be making a major transition into elementary school, middle school, high school or college next fall. For these students, there are many curiosities and questions about academic rigor, managing a social life and coursework, and worries about using a combination lock. (It took me more than a couple of tries.)

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources on the web offering useful information for all stakeholders -- parents, students, educators and administrators -- that will help ensure successful transition to the next major stepping stone. Here are a few for each milestone in the K-12 pipeline and beyond.

The First Day of School: From Early Education to Elementary School

Lockers, Bell Schedules, and New Friends: Transitioning Into Middle School

The Leap Into High School

  • Helping Middle School Students Make the Transition Into High School: This comprehensive guide from Education.com has a lot of valuable ideas and strategies for educators and schools, offering tips for providing social, emotional, and academic support for incoming students. There are suggestions for connecting middle and high school educators and engaging parents.
  • Ensuring Successful Transitions From the Middle Grades to High School: Ad Lit produced this blog, which features expert recommendations and examples of what a successful transition program might look like. There is great information here for parents, administrators, and educators.
  • Middle School and High School Transitions -- Parent Resource Guide: This valuable guide for parents from Sylvan Learning is available for download. It features different strategies for dealing with transition realities -- like new social opportunities and new academic challenges. Also included are several discussion questions that parents and teenagers can talk through when preparing for middle and high school.

Off to College and the Workforce

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Ryan Porter's picture
Ryan Porter
Co-Founder & CEO of www.raiseyourflag.com

Thanks for the great list. Especially for including links to resources for the transition into high school. Those students are often overlooked.

Another group of students that is overlooked are the ones making the school-to-work transition. Approx. 45% of high school students DON'T go to college as the primary post-secondary destination.

It's one of the reasons we created http://www.raiseyourflag.com We believe students going to work after high school deserve to be just as excited as the ones going to college.

Thanks for sharing the resources!!

Tamara S.'s picture

I think that many teens go from the comfort and familiarity of being a high school senior to being that new and obscure freshman. It is difficult and confusing and requires reframing on the part of the student. It would be nice if colleges could be more proactive in providing services and programs to alleviate some of that stress @ Victor_Hero_Vic

Tamara S.'s picture

I wish your son a smooth transition. I think that parental involvement and support can make the process an exciting and successful moment in a child's life. Best of luck. @ Jennifer Miller

Tamara S.'s picture

I feel that the transition to high school is a monumental experience. It is such a formative time in a young person's life and the first step that they take toward adulthood. I also agree that the college-to-work transition is a complicated step. Great post. @ Ryan Porter

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