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Health Science & Life Skills Middle School teacher from MA

Love this article! I am

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Love this article! I am enthusiastically looking forward to my 30th year of teaching beginning in August! No victim stories...think positive and roll with the educational changes! Implementing authentic PBL this year & reflecting on the power of student voice & choice has made for a truly fulfilling year! I look forward to what next year will bring :-)

Teacher, Writer, and Artist


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Everything is bright and pleasant and I see no cause to complain, therefore won’t.

—John Ransom’s Andersonville Diary, 1881

It might have been the last day of school yesterday for the chill-ren, but it ain’t for us. Today and tomorrow are what’s called teacher work days and all I can do is sit slumped and sad and exhausted as I look over The Cozy Room of Happiness and think of what all went on in here since August. I honestly cannot believe how fast the school year went by.

And I know you’re waiting for a revelation from me … a stunning summation about all that went on. I could tell you who’s got to go to summer school, but summer school isn’t a punishment. It’s redemptive. It’s a fair and reasonable and quick second chance. Anyhow, there are quite a few who’ll be redeemed starting in a couple of weeks.

But I’ll give you a revelation. I’ve got some energy left. A revelation at the end of the school year from a rookie teacher of kids with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. My revelation … my belief is this: I think teachers are the most important people in the world. When someone asks me what I do, I cannot tell you how proud I am to say, I’m a schoolteacher.
No one is ever not impressed. Not with me. No. But with the deeper feelings and powerful memories the word schoolteacher evokes.

And on the very last day of being at school before the teachers get to take two and a half months off and finally get our dry cleaning caught up, I’ll give you my most deepest summation … my belief about school and children and teachers and teaching and what it all really means.

What it means is real simple and easy to understand: I deeply believe children are the most-most important people in the world. They are, and always will be, and always have been. I knew that the first day of school.

I remember exactly when I learned it. Yeehaw. It was 8 ’o clock in the morning way back on August 12, when we were all walking into the schoolhouse, hoping we’d learn something new.

Mulit-grade self-contained middle school classroom teacher from bush Alaska


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I read this post just in time. The last day of school was Friday and already the self-recrimination has begun. You are exactly correct. Regardless of the events and circumstances that we find ourselves dealing with, we choose the narration in our heads. Thanks for helping me get my summer off to a healthier start!

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