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Hi Rebecca - This question

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Hi Rebecca -

This question came in via Twitter. I'd love to hear your perspective, experience, and why you chose this topic:

Joanne: Why push constructivist pedagogy when evidence of effectiveness is lacking? See research summaries by Clark et al.

Thanks for your input!

Learning Resource Tools - Smartboards

I'm a big advocate for

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I'm a big advocate for putting technology where it makes sense, not just for sake of buying a new gadget. You could take this article a step further by incorporating technology like smartboards to help with student engagement.

I loved your thought, "rather

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I loved your thought,
"rather than provide a definition, asks the groups to each write a definition for imagery together. Each group then shares the definition with the whole class."
Requiring people to formulate their own thoughts and express them in a manner understandable to their peers is a great tip for fostering learning.


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