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English/History Teacher in Walnut Creek, CA

Eliminate Homework Battles

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For many years I've seen bright and hard working students earn poor grades and have difficulty at home due to homework issues. I now work at Fusion Academy in Walnut Creek, where all homework is built into the school day. Many students who had previous stress related to homework now have improved grades and relationships with their families. As a teacher, it's a pleasure to see my students' needs served! Fusion Academy has other locations around Southern California, The Bay Area, and New York City.

Seventh Grade science teacher from Orinda, California

Absolutely - The child/parent relationship is the most important

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Since my son left for college and I no longer have to be a homework nudge, our relationship has vastly improved from years of the tension you outline above. Pulling back allowed him to admit to wanting to get it done for his own reasons, and now he does (I think :-).

As a teacher, I often counsel parents in meetings to cut it off when it gets too onerous and to preserve their relationship. I have never heard of a kid being nagged and finally saying 'oh, now I get it and will henceforth comply.' I do see kids who use homework as a way of rebelling. I also see kids who like a little time to polish up a lab report and choose to spend longer than I intend on project work, especially making multi medias.

Parents sometimes more pressure on their child than teachers think wise ex. asking for work when their child is sick. I accept notes from parents asking for extensions or excusing their child. They are the boss of their child but often don't seem to believe that. I don't cut slack for tests but it's fine to say, "Oh well, this quarter, my child is cool with a C (or whatever)."

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