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Nothing wrong with a little

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Nothing wrong with a little "goofy!" Love this :-)

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Biff’s mom tracked me down and gave me a little gift bag that had a comical picture on it of Santa Clause screaming Ho! Ho! Ho!

After she walked away I dug through the red tissue paper to find a Starbucks cardboard envelope. I figured that a Starbucks gift card was in the envelope. When I saw she had written $110 on the amount line I really got to thinking about how much she thinks I’ve helped Biff in civics class this semester because he started off by running out of the classroom on tests days to find furniture objects to kick in the commons room while he whined and cussed and now he’s all prepared for tests and seems to like them a lot. Heck, he ended up with a final fall semester grade of 101.

On my way home today I ran into by my local Starbucks with all that delicious money. Even a small cup of regular coffee costs a lot. Don’t get me started on the fancy mugs and the lunatic-looking people staring into their personal computers.

Anyway, I decided to overindulge in my teaching success so I grabbed a bag of Kenya (juicy acidity; currant), Organic Yukon Blend (hearty; well-rounded), and Christmas Blend (spicy, sweet & perfect when we’re together). I thought about getting some of those expensive, pre-made sandwiches with cheese wedges, but I remembered I had some curled-up sliced ham in a package, yellow mustard, and loaf bread at home.

They grind all that coffee up for you, too … for free.

When the girl at the cash register, Malicia, told me the price for all that coffee I didn’t even blink. It’s fun and easy and effortless to spend other people’s money. I handed her the card.

Malicia did some zippy-looking things with the card, then she said … Forty-two ninety-eight.

I said I don’t understand. You know, just take it off the card.
She said you owe some more.

I said I still don’t understand.

She said the card had only ten dollars on it.

With a mild, pleading tone in my voice I said … I just got that card from Biff’s mom not thirty minutes ago. I’m his civics teacher. She wrote one hundred and ten on the envelope. And Merry Christmas. I swear to God.

Malicia, with a mildly uneasy look on her face, glanced around the store, like she was all of a sudden dealing with a lunatic.

I held it together as long as I could … and then screamed when I got in my truck.

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