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Technology Tools for the First Week of School

Mary Beth Hertz

K-8 Technology Teacher in Philadelphia, PA
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Are there specific technology tools that educators should use during the first weeks of school? Yes! In case you're not sure where to start, I asked my Twitter colleagues to tell me what tools they are planning to use, or have used, and why.

Keep in mind that there are many uses for each tool and there is no one right way to use it -- adapt the ideas to work in your own classroom. And if you would like to learn more about certain tools, I will be addressing some of them in my next post, so please let me know in the comment area what interests you.

I placed all the responses from Twitter in a Google doc, but here are some highlights:

* Dana Zora (Stevens Elementary, Aberdeen, WA): "QuickieQ and AnswerGarden to survey students and parents on first day."

* Kristina Peters (Spring Lake Magnet, Omaha, NE): "I'd like to start using Twiducate to empower students to get involved in social media in a 'safe' manner."

* Deena Warwick (Chocowinity Primary School, Chocowinity, NC): "I want to use Prezi as a get-to-know-each-other tool. Typically, I have used powerpoint in the past, but I think Prezi (or Glogster) will be more engaging."

Below, you'll find all the Twitter responses I gathered. But you can go directly to the Google doc for easier reading. You can't edit the Google doc, so please share your ideas, ask questions, and provide resources and answers in the comments field at the bottom of this page.

Mary Beth Hertz

K-8 Technology Teacher in Philadelphia, PA
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Peter Kelaher's picture

Thanks, Mary Beth,

For this great collection of ideas - so much for teachers to explore and use to engage students.

I work in the field of eLearning. Below, I've pasted the Prezi Description of Service. I only discovered this because I was about to work with a Primary School teacher (in Australia)to introduce Prezi to a class of 11/12 year olds. We have a lot of teachers using Prezi but, alas, it's not going to be available for students.

Prezi Description of Service: Adults Only. The Prezi Service is intended for adults only. You must be 18 years old - or, if the age of majority in your state or province is greater than 18 years, such age of majority in your state or province - or have obtained the consent of your parent or guardian to use the Prezi Service. In accordance with U.S. Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), Prezi will never knowingly solicit, nor will it accept, personally identifiable information from users known to be under thirteen (13) years of age. Please see our privacy policy for additional information or for how to notify us of any concerns you may have in this regard.

Kai Dupe's picture
Kai Dupe
Educational Technology Consultant

It is so refreshing to learn of teachers who are actually embracing technology. I spend a lot of time working to convince teachers and other adults of the benefits of integrating technology into the classroom. It is time we understand that this is not an either or proposition. This is wonderful work and reading this has motivated me to move forward in my efforts.

Kai Dupe

Mary Beth Hertz's picture
Mary Beth Hertz
K-8 Technology Teacher in Philadelphia, PA

Thanks, Peter, for pointing that out! Sometimes we educators get so excited about a tool that we forget to check those kinds of things.

I still think that Prezi can be great for teachers as a stand in for PowerPoint, but you're right that we should not be letting our under 18 students use it.

I wonder, however, if they will change that stipulation once they see the tool catch on in education.

Thanks again.

David Andrade's picture
David Andrade
Chief Information Officer

Here are some links to some great tech tools to try out:

Technology to use on a daily basis at school to organize and plan:
Cloud file storage and syncing:
Great resources for teachers for back to school:
Resources for students:

I use technology resources to save money (free ones), get organized, help my students, and do things I couldn't do otherwise (virtual field trips and labs).

Lucy Miller-Ganfield's picture

Mary Beth,

I have enjoyed reading your post. I love how you gathered this valuable information from teachers to share with your readers. I am writing a book for Learning Express titled Teaching with Technology, Strategies for Today's Learners. May I use some of these practical ideas and comments for my book? or at least link to this document?
Thanks for sharing!


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