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So True

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I totally agree with this. You shouldn't apply a "one size fits all' approach to professional development in the area of technology. I just read another blog post where the poster explains how one school purchased interactive whiteboards for all the teachers at a particular school. It seems that the teachers were not properly trained and were reluctant to use the boards which led to other problems from students. In the end a lack of respect for the technology on behalf of the teachers led to students vandalizing the boards and stealing the equipment for them. I'm sure a lot of this could have been avoided if the school had followed the above steps in order to prepare their teachers for the technology.

K-8 Technology Teacher in Philadelphia, PA


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Thanks Paula. Taking time is necessary, but too often it is overlooked because of the pressure to move quickly towards new initiatives.

4th grade math and SS teacher from New Orleans, LA.

Great advice, Mary Beth.

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Great advice, Mary Beth. Allowing time to play is very powerful and so in checking in with them later after they've had time to reflect on how best to integrate a tool into their lessons.

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