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We live in a society where, if you watch carefully, kids on TV are often smarter than their goofy parents. And then we wonder why kids aren't as respectful to their parents anymore. Hello--We have set this brave new world up, not them.

When tweens walk in my door I always give then a rough time with humor and take no prisoners. Their parents often report back "My tween thinks you're the bomb!" and I always explain it doesn't take much to get five stars from a kid if you use this approach humorously in their face; "I am OLDER, I've been on the planet LONGER, and so I have more wisdom.Simple as that."

They eat it up. They are always amused and lean in. haha that's when it's time to plant some helpful information.

I firmly believe we need more "respectable" parents on TV and in movies, for a while at least. We need TV shows with WISE parents, not goofy parents to earn back some respect. Otherwise, forget it--we'll all be elderly enough soon and we know how that looks right now.

With mom getting botox and trying to stay young looking at any cost--what's the message? Old isn't interesting. But often nothing could be further than the truth. Older people have stories. LOTS of stories. Often very cool if anybody would just ask.



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I think this is a very valid point. Students nowadays have to be more respectful of the elderly and I see nowadays many students being very rude to seniors. I believe that there are very many reasons for such behavior among students these days.

One of the the reasons will be the lack of time spent with elders and parent's easy going attitude in homes. In many families that put great importance on Filial Piety, parents are more strict in children's behavior. If the parents were more strict and spent more time, there might be less problems.

I think there needs to be many measures take n to solve this problem. one suggestion is as aforementioned is takinf filial piety for a solutions. What do you think are the most effective solution to this problem?

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