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Reading Specialist from Hellertown, PA

Mark, I really agree with

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Mark, I really agree with you. I teach Critical Reading at the Community College level, and I notice that many of my students were not used to thinking critically about advertisements. In order for them to grasp logical fallacies, we look at several examples of advertisements from Youtube. From our class discussions, I could tell that most of my students never analyzed commercials before. Your ideas are wonderful! I think critical thinking is one of the most important skills students need to work on. It’s right up there with literacy, math, brushing your teeth and tying your shoes in my opinion.

Your idea of storyboarding advertisements and imitating the process which a company goes through to create one is also an excellent. It gives the students skills that will be useful in the workplace, and I believe the earlier they can grasp processes like this, the better. Plus, currently, there are some wonderful websites which provide an excellent canvas for a storyboard. Cubert’s Cube is one that I particularly like. It is very kid-friendly, and includes a gallery where the class can create their own drawings or upload a graphic or chart. It is Wiki based, so they can edit their advertisement online and remotely from their homes, if they wish. The security settings on this site are excellent. As a teacher you can make sure your class has the privacy and protection it needs, and there is the option of publishing your students’ projects.

Your blog really made me reflect how much media is all around us; so much so that it is even in our pockets, thinking of those Smart Phones. Students need to be able grasp what all these visual images are around them

Director of Employment, Education and Training at the ACT & Region Chamber

You missed a key resource!

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One of the best resources you could use for this is 'The Gruen Transfer' which is hitting its fifth season now. Absolutely perfect for this unit!

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