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High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Elena, Great post, and

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Hi Elena,
Great post, and thank you for sharing it. As some one who is passionate about social justice in our schools, I was really impressed by your list. The best part, I thought, was that you identified 'systemic oppression'. Often, we forget that school can be oppressive by their very nature - students are limited in what they can or can't do, what they can wear, where they can sit, when they can talk. Discussing these ideas can be a good starting point for understanding of oppression - with the added bonus that students are far more likely to be able to talk about their own experiences easily!

President and CEO of Urians of Bayugan International, Inc. (U.B.I.)

Very good write up! I want

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Very good write up! I want this to be shared to our U.B.I. scholars in Urians of Bayugan International, Inc - UBI Bayugan, Agusan del Sur so that they will learn the meaning of justice to become part of their upbringing and all throughout their lives.

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

Great piece. I want to share

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Great piece. I want to share it with my colleagues and my students RIGHT NOW!!

Some of my favorite tools around this work come from the School Reform Initiative (, the Coalition of Essential Schools ( and Paul Gorski both individually ( and through his organization EdChange (

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