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Pre-K teacher from Friendship, Tennessee

This is wonderful. I have

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This is wonderful. I have always wondered why geese fly in the V-shape. Now when I look at geese I will automatically think of teachers who have a common path, are willing to aid, share the load, are each other's cheerleaders, and are faithful to one another. What a fantastic illustration.

Transformational Leadership Coach from Oakland, California

Author discovered!

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Here's an email I received just after posting this:

Elena, Having just read your strategy on the Geese poem, I want to first commend you for an excellent classroom idea. Second, I hope that you will give credit for the author of The Geese poem, my father-in-law, Robert F. McNeish, a former associate superintendent in the Baltimore County Public
Schools. Mr. McNeish, although an educator, actually wrote this poem for the Northminster Presbyterian Church in Reisterstown, MD where he is still an active member. He delivered his remarks to the congregation in 1972 to inspire them to collaborate and support one another. I know that he would be honored to have you reference him as the author of this poem which has since been used worldwide. Thanks so much! Dr. Gary Thrift, Chair School of Education Notre Dame of Maryland University Baltimore, MD

Educator, Consultant, ADE ,

I love this! What a fantastic

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I love this! What a fantastic way to connect our best practices for teamwork to the natural world!

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