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Former High School Engineering Teacher now Author and EdD

Free Book for Teens...............

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I'm Rob Garcia, a former high school Engineering teacher in San Diego. I left my defense contractor job to write a great book for teens. For the month of October, I am GIVING AWAY FREE an E-Book of it to all Edutopia readers that email me at and request it. Teen Juggernaut is fully illustrated and has chapters on self esteem, dealing with bullying, the importance of math and how it can get you into a high tech career, fitness, and how to choose a college. I have already sent to over 7 countries all over the world and many states. I'm doing this to promote the book and to reward all of you that strive to make a young person's life better.

I'm getting kickbacks from school accounts due to size, so Yahoo or Gmail accounts work better. Thanks and I hope you enjoy reading it.


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