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Fun and Free Summer Learning Resources

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Summer learning loss is a real problem. Alarmingly, research suggests students lose more than two months of math knowledge during the summer, and the losses in reading are similar.

Here we’ve compiled a few resources to keep students learning through the dog days of summer, with a particular focus on math and reading. For starters, the Edutopia blog How to Beat Summer Learning Loss from Anne O’Brien is chock full of useful information and strategies for parents and students.

Fun! Fun! Fun! Summer Learning Sites

Quick Links to Open Education Resources

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NCFL's picture
National Center for Families Learning

Great list! Thank you, Anne.

We also wanted to call attention to Camp Wonderopolis. Starting June 16, Campers and learners of all ages will be able to explore six different subjects of science through 42 Wonders of the Day (How many flowers can a bee pollinate? Why don't oil and water mix? How do boomerangs come back?). Hands-on activities with around-the-house materials and daily lessons will be both fun and challenging for early and middle grade students (and parents!).

Camp Wonderopolis officially open June 16 (pre-registration is open now... Sign up today at www.Wonderopolis.org/camp).

Angela's picture
Parent of 3 high-school students in Chicago, Illinois

"lemonade stand" sounds like a great deal :D

Sarah's picture

I just received a grant to develop resources for students and their parents to prevent the summer slide. I am searching for free resources and any ideas.

Laura Thomas's picture
Laura Thomas
Director, Antioch University New England Center for School Renewal, Author of Facilitating Authentic Learning, Director of the Antioch Critical Skills Program; Elementary Library Media Specialist

Hi Sarah! Is there a Makerspace in your area? They have lots of great (usually free) resources. I know our public library has a whole bunch of interesting things going on this summer too- my own kids are going to a DIY Stomp Rocket thing tomorrow and they're wicked psyched about it.

I saw this piece from the Atlantic today and bookmarked it- it sounds like something you'd like, too. http://m.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/06/for-better-school-res...

Susan Chen's picture

It's true that summer break could result in learning loss. I have students coming back to school in September perform poorly on the pre-assessment tests for reading and math. These results are in direct contrast to their year-end report card for the previous academic year. This is a welcomed list of ideas for me to give to parents to help their children continue to learn throughout the summer months. I have had only two standard recommendations in the past. I usually tell them to check the local library for activities and to check our local community college for its kids summer program. Now I am able to broaden their choices.

Story Share's picture

Great list, thanks for sharing Matt!

We would love to add Story Share to the list as a free resource available to parents and educators over the summer to support reading engagement.

Story Share is a collaborative digital literacy hub devoted to providing relevant, engaging, and approachable literature to struggling readers beyond elementary school. We bring together authors, readers, and educators to provide a digital library filled with high interest and age-appropriate stories for students in middle school and beyond. You can browse our new and improved library and filter stories by age, interest and reading level here:


We also recently wrote about the importance of engagement when it comes to beating the 'summer slide' which you can read more about here:


numberock's picture

Kids still gotta have kid time, though. 2 months of learning loss is regrettable, but I wouldn't trade that back if it meant losing summer vacations!

We're just a two-team husband/wife operations here at NUMBEROCK, but we just launched a free library of originally animated music videos that we think are going bring a wave of new enthusiasm into in-class and out-of-class learning to help with summer decline. Parents will probably find them cute, too!

They can be watched here...
or at www.numberock.com

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