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Learning Time Program is

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Learning Time Program is always good , extra curricular makes the difference i take my niece to the Saturday school, and she always come back with something new .

Parent of three lower school boys in Denver and author of a parenting blog

This is a great article. I

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This is a great article. I just participated in a webinar about Reimagining Time and Human Capital for Expanded Learning Opportunities by the Colorado Legacy Foundation. They are doing a lot to promote ELT and have created multiple presentations. The webinar looked at what the Generation Schools in New York and Colorado are doing. So it definitely builds on this. You can find it at

Executive Director, Founder of Arts & Learning Conservatory

A great one to read , these

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A great one to read , these tips are actually very necessary for one to understand the key factor of relation between student and education and how the teacher has to implement this to his /ger classroom , your post is great one showing all the key factors required for above.

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Amrita Sahni Director of Instruction, Edwards Middle School, Boston MA

Edwards Middle School

  • Enrollment
    • (2011-12)
  • student demographics
    • 60% Hispanic
      17% African American
      14% Asian
      8% white
      1% multi-race, non-Hispanic
      49% free or reduced-price lunch
      25% special ed
      38% limited English proficient
  • Per-pupil operating expenditures
    • (2011-12)
      School: $7,651
      District: $17,283
      State (MA): $13,658
  • Student Achievement
    • Since Edwards began expanded learning time in 2006, through 2012,
      the percentage of students achieving proficiency or higher has grown
      - 150% in math,
      - 73% in reading,
      - 533% in science,
      and the average rate of suspensions has decreased 37%.