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Seventh Grade Reading Teacher from Mississippi


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I love this idea! I will spend my last nine weeks reviewing my students on the competencies they've already (hopefully) mastered during the first twenty-seven weeks of school. Because my students range in skills and mastery, I would like to have them each choose two areas or competencies in which they will concentrate. I think I can even do some of my groupings for the last nine weeks of school based on the areas in which they hope to improve. Thanks for this great idea!

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On the (sort of) flip side of

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On the (sort of) flip side of this, I ask students to identify their "goalbusters" -- those are their personal habits, behaviors and attitudes that often defeat attainment of their goal. Then we organize into "goalbuster clusters." Kids with the same or similar goalbusters get together to make a plan to control their goalbuster, and support each other to achieve their goal. For example, procrastinators create a study group and work together on a creating study plan for a test. They can arrange to study together, share resources,enter dates in their planner text reminders, split up the work and hold each other accountable, etc. -- like an academic skills peer support group. You can do all sorts of things like create teams, compete for most improved, best overall performance on a test...

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