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Drama/ELL Teacher from American School of Douala,Cameroon

I find this account of

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I find this account of engaging projects very interesting.I am a culturally sensitive person and my experience with students confirms the fact that they perform better when they have to apply their personal experience.Whether in drama or ELL, a cultural approach to any project yields maximum benefits.The challenge is how to continue to find mind searching projects.Collaboration is inevitable in Drama so whether in a lesson on Body movement or Folktales I use my thematic focus to challenge my students to draw from their cultural backgrounds. As teachers,we keep trying.

5th grade teacher from Sandpoint, Idaho

Suzie, This is the second

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Suzie, This is the second account of amazing student driven projects I have seen in recent weeks. Both of them involved a cultural issue, and both were in high school. Since I teach in an area where the biggest cultural difference is socio-economic, I'm not sure how that would work with my 5th graders. However, I am sure that any project needs to come from a place of passion, the students need to care about the topic. I will continue to look for projects to engage my students and the links through edutopia and your book are great resources to have,
Thank You.

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