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Leave them wanting More

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When students forget there is a clock in the room and are actively working there is an electricity in the air. It is exuberating. You mentioned they were writing-- what was the project/topic that made them so interested?

Ben Johnson
San Antonio, TX

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How do I know if my students are engaged?

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For me, after a few years of teaching, the clues were pretty obvious. When my students lost track of time, or didn't care about time as in how much time it was taking to do whatever project they we working. This is especially true of writing. One of the great feelings I got as a teacher was when the class ended and the kids moaned that they."weren't finished writing yet and could they stay awhile longer so they don't lose their grove."

Seventh Grade science teacher from Orinda, California

Hoping by planning

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Engagement, flow, kids talking to each other about science because they want to. Best part of my job when it sometimes happens. Some things that seem to help:
- Listen/watch first. No taking notes or filling in a worksheet. Just enjoy it. Then tell your neighbor one thing you got from it. Then write a few notes.
- Stuff that's funny and links their lives to the concepts to be learned.
- Being intrigued, interested and well-informed on what I'm teaching, including the history and personalities involved: Better stories that way.
- Instead of doing it all myself, having students take on as many tasks and demos as possible.
- Co-constructing concepts with magnetic cards - Concept ConstruXions rocks (at
- Responding via whiteboards shared between two. (Ridiculous how much they love this AND a great way to get a beat on where they are. See post on kids concepts of atoms at
- Changing the class arrangement frequently, and during lessons too, so they get up and move a bit.
- Individual relationships.

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What is engaged learning

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I think that there has to also be a noise factor. I have so many 'outsiders' come into my classroom and say what an unruly bunch, they are so noisy and I keep telling them to listen to the noise. If I can hear words about the topic that we are covering that isn't noise that is learning.

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If what I am doing is

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If what I am doing is relevant to their curiosity, creativity, intelligence, emotional spirit and to their psychology... They talk, share and engage themselves in the conversation/activity.*

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Here is my latest series on

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Here is my latest series on engaging lessons

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