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I am a mother of 4 and a college student learning teacher education.

Thank you Mr. Madea for your

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Thank you Mr. Madea for your insightful article regarding STEM in education. This is my first semester in the teacher education program. All we have been learning thus far is the history in education and how our country strives to bring a challenging curriculum and higher education for our students. Recently I read about Obama's new plan for education in the article "A Blueprint for Reform" from the US Dept of Education. Never did I read of art. In fact that is what customarily is always cut first along with sports. It is encouraging to read your "STEAM" philosophy and I could not agree more about including the arts in our students curriculum. My son and daughter have been in art programs through our local library and excelled. They relaxed and somehow it enabled them to be more productive with their school studies.
When you said that your school has constant dialogue between eye, mind, and hand "critical thinking -- critical making" and that it is an education in getting your hands dirty, in understanding why you made what you made, and owning the impact of that work in the world. It's what artists and designers do; it caught me by surprise. I do not see this is my childrens' school. Learning by doing is what I have grasped by reading many articles, including yours, and I am so eager to start in this field.

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