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I have ALWAYS been intrigued

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I have ALWAYS been intrigued with The Shield of Achilles! What a powerful project.

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Struggling to Connect [students] with the text

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Sounds like you've done a great job addressing this problem; if I could, I'll point you to a resource that you might find helpful (or at least fun) for your class: a series of Choose Your Own Adventure books based on the ancient epics. The books follow the plot of the epics (so that students have to make even the distasteful choices that the heroes make for the narrative to continue), and the 2nd person approach allows for much better discussion (in my opinion) because students are actually making the choices themselves, both mentally and physically (by flipping the pages). They're written for, say, 5th to 9th graders, but I use them with my honors juniors as a pre-reading activity, and they love it. You can see some samples and read reviews here: In the interest of full disclosure, I am the author, but I'm also a 17-year Latin teacher, Classical & Medieval Literature teacher, and English teacher. Thanks again for the post.
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