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Wonder Coast to Coast

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After reading Wonder by RJ Palacio last year with my 5th grade class, we were moved by a premise in the story- Choose Kind. Since then, partnering with another teacher in Florida, we have created Wonder Coast 2 Coast that has reached teachers and students from Hawaii to Scotland. After reading the story Wonder, students are creating Kindness projects- their way of putting a little bit of kindness into the world and documenting their projects using web tools. The projects will be posted on our website for many to view at http://wondercoast2coast and hopefully many will be inspired to spread kindness themselves. If you and your class would like to join in, you can do so by checking out the details here-

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For a week, greet your

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For a week, greet your students at the door with a kind remark as they come in. Feel your appreciation for them. See how this impacts your teaching and relationships.

I was happy to read your

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I was happy to read your article on Kindness. It made me reflect upon the importance of the subject and how I have to dedicate more time towards it. In the past, I have used a few of the activities in the following resource.
Although it is not specific to Kindness, it is related to Happiness to which are both closely related.

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Kindness in the Classroom

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I'd recommend integrating kindness oriented lessons into civic or citizenship education. Kindness as a character trait certainly facilitates participation in public life, and can be especially important in pluralistic societies.

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