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One way to achieve

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One way to achieve school/community integration and collaboration is using the Reggio Emilia approach. I'm a big fan. The methodology focuses on the environment that the students are exposed to including their community. The approach comes from the town of Reggio Emilia in Italy, where the entire community participates in the education of their children. There are great resources about it on Edutopia:

Overall, no matter what approach you use, incorporating community into a child's education can do wonders. It opens up more formal/informal learning overlaps and can offer a child more opportunities to learn by doing/exploring!

First grade teacher from Ada, MN

This article was very

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This article was very interesting. Usually when I think of collaboration in education I think of just within the school itself. I agree that there needs to be collaboration between a school and community. I really like the part that said, “It takes a community to raise a school.” This is a fantastic point that is often forgotten about. We need to show students that communities and schools are supportive of each other, and we all want the best for the students. A community can be a great resource when completing projects and connecting them to real-life situations. Working together will only enhance the concept of teamwork and thinking beyond the classroom.

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