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District Coordinator, Career Academies, MTS Charter Schools

Great article. I'm looking

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Great article. I'm looking forward to formalizing our use of authentic assessment in our work with students.

A big part of our philosophy at MTS Career Academies is putting kids in real-world situations. For example, recently our Digital Media Academy collaborated with a group of video professionals, an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, college media students, and a second high school to create a music video.

Students were paired with professionals and older students in all aspects of the production - from art design to fog machine to camera operation.

Although students experienced the professional atmosphere and work space, the addition of some assessments that reflect the real-world nature of the project will be an exciting addition to next year's experience.

If you'd like to read a little about our project or see the video and a short behind the scenes video, take a look at this post:

High school music teacher, Sammamish High School, Bellevue, WA

Thanks for reading and

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Thanks for reading and commenting! Sorry if it wasn't clear - the "Starting Strong" program referred to actually is open to all students at our school, and a wide cross-section of our student body has participated. When I referred to targeting students who would be the first one from their family to go to college what this entailed was an extra effort in terms of recruiting to try to get students who often miss out on this sort of extra program involved.

AP English Literature Teacher at CheongShim International Academy, Korea

I'd like to see the whole

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I'd like to see the whole program open and available to the student body. It is programs like that that have done wonderful positive things that don't have to be saved for the most needy but can be available for others a s well to build a stronger school culture.

I think programs at schools should always be available to everyone.

Fascinating idea. I would be

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Fascinating idea.
I would be interested to read about what sort of "authentic assessments" you use in the music classroom that are performance-related.

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