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Math Whisperer

Piaget, etc. are already forgotten in 99% of classes

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I completely agree with Ms. Caperton's thesis about the importance of teaching that follows learning theory in math. However, the reality in 99% of American middle and high school students are in math classes with teachers standing at the front of the room giving a lecture. Some students follow the teacher. In general, many don't. But classroom management is simple, as students have been socialized to behave during a lecture. In the words of one student, "I just put on my kiss-ass face, and go somewhere else." Flipping the math classroom finally offers the opportunity for all students to get some real instruction from a live teacher.

Preservice teacher

I think this blog makes a

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I think this blog makes a valid argument. Technology is a great leaning tool to use in the classroom but we can't let it take over our roles as teachers. Its true, many of today's students need to be integrated into all modern forms of technology; and they may even have jobs in the fields of technology - quite possibly jobs that aren't even created yet! A technologically savvy class is almost required in the present times. However, we cannot let students depend wholly on computer programs to give them the education they need.

"Years of research have proved that an individual's ownership of new knowledge comes through constructive, productive, creative activities, not through passive consumption of instructional tutorials or reading textbooks"

Technology as a learning aid can be wonderful, and it definitely appeals to our students. It also allows for students to somewhat build and enhance their own learning, making lessons fun and personal to our students. But in truth, students need their teachers!!! We can answer questions when computers can't. We can offer ideas and advice where a computer program probably cannot. I hope I do not see the day when machines replace us in the workplace, and I hope that others share my opinion as well.

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