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Secondary English Teacher

This is a fantastic way to

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This is a fantastic way to re-think worksheets and what I am really doing. Posting the "Big Question" on them is a necessary reminder to tie students to what our goal is as a class, and making a connection to the real world of 21st century work that they will be entering is a fresh way of viewing this classroom staple. Do you have any recommendations for the English classroom and what kinds of worksheet templates could be introduced?

Worksheets vs. Graphic Organizers

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When I first became a teacher I went to a teacher training workshop called "Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites" presented by Marcia Tate. She too argued that if you're going to use worksheets, which many of us do, our students would benefit from "making them look like the real-world work that students are doing -- or could be doing". Reading your blog reminded me of the information presented at this workshop. I've never been a big fan of worksheets, (unless I have a substitute). I've always used graphic organizers in lieu of worksheets- the kiddos prefer it and I prefer it.

On another note, I really appreciate "Costa's Levels of Questions". Thanks for putting that attachment on your blog. They've helped me deepen my level of question asking in the classroom. I have used them in a professional development training and in my class.

Your blog was really informative and helped me reframe the negative impressions that worksheets have gotten the last few years.

Thanks for sharing.

Worksheet evolution

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Really liked this article. Thinking of new ways to organize student learning and retention is a challenge today. This article explained what I have thought for a while, worksheets are not dead, we just need a 2.0 version.
Michael Ates

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